Cookies for a Cause

Located at Stackt Market
28 Bathurst St. #1-104, Toronto, ON, M5V 0R4
Corner of Bathurst St. & Front St.
Hours of Operation:
Tuesday - Sunday, 12pm until we sell out (7pm latest)
To speak with someone at our store for same day Pick-up call:
Flavours will always vary. No same day pick-up on Saturdays.

Open 6 Days a Week at

Stackt Market


Our Bakery

First came the lockdown.⁣⁣ Then came the isolation memes. ⁣⁣
Then everyone with a spatula and an instagram account thought they could bake. Being out of work and isolated, we decided we could bake as well. ⁣⁣We dusted off the old family recipe and broke out the aprons and mixing bowls. After making more cookies than we could ever safely consume, we came to the realization that this surplus of tasty treats needed to be shared with our friends and loved ones. ⁣⁣It started with sneaky deliveries and ninja-like drop-offs. ⁣⁣Demand suddenly rose, but we knew we could be doing more. ⁣⁣We really needed to give back to the people who were truly working the hardest and putting themselves at risk every day during these crazy times. ⁣⁣With that we started taking the cookie biz seriously and set ourselves a goal of $10,000 in donations towards COVID-19 relief. ⁣⁣


With your help we've surged past our $10,000 goal and have raised over $30,000 to date!


Courage Cookies has vowed that so as long as we are in the business of selling cookies we will always donate a portion of our revenue to support those in need.

We're excited to treat you, our fellow Canadians to our favourite buttery cookies and have you not feel so guilty about it knowing your money is going towards a great cause!

Stay Safe! Stuff Your Face!

- Chelsea & Ian




So you can stuff your face with cookies

 and feel great about it at the same time!