Little bit of info before we get started...
Pre-Order, Pick-up, GTA Delivery, & Nationwide Shipping Available

Shipping orders are mailed on your selected date - please note this is not when they will appear at your house 

Deliveries go out on your selected date and can arrive between 9am - 8pm

Our STACKT location is at 28 Bathurst St. Unit #1-104

Our shop faces Bathurst St. 

Our Dundas W location is at 1561 Dundas W, just steps

west of Sheridan on the South side.

Once you've entered our online store, select the Location you would like to pick up your pre-order from in the top left menu.

If you're looking for shipping or GTA delivery,

just select Shipping or Delivery from the top left menu!

Pick-up, Delivery & Shipping


28 Bathurst St. STACKT Location


1561 Dundas St. W. Location

All cookies contain or may contain dairy, eggs and/or gluten.

All cookies may contain tree nuts and/or ground nuts.